Joe Biden pledged to allow trans people to use the bathroom they identify with. As always, many people are against this, yet many people like this new law.

Mentioned by, “In 2017, the Education Department, by order of Trump, rescinded Obama-era protections that allow transgender students to use bathrooms…

What China is saying are “Muslim Re-Education Camps” are actually concentration camps and it needs to be stopped!

Since 2016 these concentration camps have been going on in China and China is still making excuses for them. Some people were sentenced to these camps because of wearing a scarf or…

Climate change is real and is causing our polar bears to go extinct! Everyday when you use your car or every time we allow oil and gas companies to exist, we are causing global warming which causes climate change.

Climate Change= the unusual weather within a place

Global Warming= the…

Women activism isn’t women believing they are better than men or thinking they should have more privileges than men; however being a women’s activist is speaking on topics that should be talked about rather than being shushed about.

Not too long ago my brother and I discussed over women activists…

TyLynn Smith

I'm a teenage girl, speaking out on worldwide problems. If you want me to speak on a specific issue DM on tylynns on Instagram

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